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What is Vibrant Village?

Vibrant Village is a membership and volunteer-based program where neighbors help neighbors live independently as long as possible. 


It's a social support network within the Sorrento community in Overland Park, that utilizes willing and able volunteers to provide simple services for members who have needs, such as transportation, pet care, companionship, tech assistance and more. It also works to promote social connectivity and community. 

"Sorrento's optional Vibrant Village will make it easier to know those in the community and volunteer to help each other. This delays our need for assisted living, so we can live independently while promoting neighborliness." - Sorrento Navigators (Focus Group)

Vibrant Village is backed by the Village to Village Network, a national program aimed at helping members experience reduced isolation, increased independence, and enhanced purpose of life.


Vibrant Village is the first initiative of GoodLife Innovations, Inc. If you would like to learn more about the service model and offerings of GoodLife, please click here.